Nestled in the heart of the Victorian High Country, The Sebel Pinnacle Valley is a captivating wedding venue that seamlessly blends natural beauty with refined elegance. Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Pinnacle Valley Ranges, this idyllic retreat offers an enchanting backdrop for couples seeking a memorable celebration.

The venue’s architecture, rustic yet sophisticated, harmoniously integrates with the stunning alpine landscape. Outdoor ceremonies unfold against a panoramic backdrop of mountains and valleys, creating a uniquely romantic ambiance. Following the vows, transition seamlessly to elegant reception spaces, where large floor to ceiling windows frame breathtaking views.

The Sebel Pinnacle Valley’s dedicated team transforms your vision into reality, ensuring a flawless celebration. Culinary excellence takes center stage with customisable menus curated by our talented chefs using the best locally sourced produce.

More than a venue, The Sebel Pinnacle Valley is a destination where love is celebrated amidst nature’s grandeur. Embrace the romance of the High Country and create cherished lifelong memories at The Sebel Pinnacle Valley.

Our Venue


With a backdrop of Victoria’s High Country, the Stables offer the ultimate rustic and enchanting wedding ceremony venue. Imbued with timeless charm, these stables seamlessly blend the allure of equestrian traditions with the romance of a fairytale setting. The carefully crafted rustic structures provide an intimate and picturesque atmosphere for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding celebration. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the High Country, this venue exudes a magical ambiance, making it the perfect canvas for couples to exchange vows and embark on a journey of love.


An idyllic wedding ceremony venue, blending rustic charm with natural elegance. Framed by lush greenery and delicate blooms, the arbour sets a picturesque stage for your vows, against the backdrop of majestic Pinnacle Valley mountains. This carefully curated space captures the simplicity of nature, offering an intimate setting where the crisp mountain air and soft whispers of the wind enhance the ceremony’s emotional resonance. The Arbour provides a magical canvas for couples, ensuring a breathtaking and memorable celebration of love, in the heart of the High Country.


A captivating indoor wedding venue at The Sebel Pinnacle Valley Resort. Blending rustic lodge charm with modern elegance, this space creates an intimate ambiance weather it is bathed in natural day light or adorned by the evening fire place lights. The versatile setting allows couples to personalize their ceremony space, surrounded by the warmth of timber beams and tasteful décor.


Elevate your wedding celebration at the enchanting ballroom, seamlessly marrying modern luxury with natural charm. This spacious venue features high ceilings, rustic alpine chandeliers, and expansive floor to ceiling windows framing the captivating landscapes of the High Country. The neutral palette provides a timeless canvas for personalised décor, while the movable dance floor beckons guests to dance the night away. Adding an extra touch of allure, a balcony spans the length of the room, offering panoramic views of the majestic Pinnacle Valley and the iconic Mt. Buller. This outdoor space provides a charming escape and an ideal spot for guests to enjoy fresh mountain air while taking in the breathtaking surrounding where every moment is framed by the romance of nature.

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